JET Systems

Our Focus

Aerospace and Robotics Systems Engineering. Providing DoD contract support, commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and mobile application development.
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Unmanned mission systems

Jaster Engineering Technology (JET) Systems develops, maintains, and innovates systems for specific and common mission capabilities, combat aides, and surveillance systems. We support platforms related to Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAV), UAV, and manned vehicles for DoD, NASA, DoA, and other government agencies. We provide solutions through cost-effective, tailored strategies to meet mission requirements to include both new software generation and certified software re-use. In return, the government utilizes us to provide ongoing support activity or to prepare the customer to be the lead systems integrator.

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Open Architecture systems

JET Systems is involved in significant efforts related to Open Architecture (OA) development standards and adherence within DoD contract efforts. We utilize Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), COTS, and standardized hardware sets to achieve lower-cost capabilities compared with standard proprietary vendor-locked relationships. We create modular, reusable capabilities for building modern systems while allowing small businesses to play in big environments while supporting larger entities with pointed knowledge, experience, and consulting.

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Military and Commercial Apps

JET Systems has a history of success with military combat systems engineering. We form partnerships with larger business entities to enter small business contractual efforts, both to help us grow and design needed government solutions. We apply government capabilities to the commercial environment to bring state-of-the-art systems, technology, and knowledge to domestic users for non-military application.

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Counter Measures and Defense

JET Systems creates innovative solutions for government and commercial clients through systems engineering, software application development, IT services, and acquisition program management. Our programs directly affect and contribute to our nation’s warfighters. We have a successful history of providing advanced technology solutions to our DoD customers and other government contractors in support of national security, defense, and counter-measures. We pride ourselves in providing effective, agile and cutting-edge results at the most efficient cost for our customers.

About JET Systems

Customer-Focused Engineering
Creative Engineering to produce long-term, lower cost, smart, modular systems.

Jaster Engineering Technology (JET) is committed to working with Government Agencies and Commercial partners to develop modern autonomous and operator-interfaced control systems for SUAV, Robotics, and manned military aircraft. Our goal is to always build in a manner that facilitates Open Architecture, cross-training among team members, and continual education to stay ahead of obsolescence. We strive to create lasting solutions with the constant understanding that things change and grow, and we must be flexible and knowledgeable enough to meet current requirements and even help create new requirements for the future of Systems Engineering. For posterity and efficient, low-cost future growth, our focus is always on modular integration of standardized system and practices to allow our customers to more competitively acquire capability modifications and upgrades over the life-cycle of their systems. Most importantly, family values drive our customer interaction, our integrity, and our employee relationships.

JET Management

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Owner and Business Administration
Experience with a range of upper-level business management duties related to personnel, customer relations, accounting, and contracts under DoD, Navy, Seaport-e, and many other government contract vehicles.


Engineering and Technical Planning
Experience in various Engineering fields related to Military Aviation Systems Design and Services. High and low level management of technical developmental projects.

Program Management

Technical Coordination and Contracts
Management of high-value development and Customer support teams within DoD at the Program Office level. Extensive experience with Contracts execution.