About Us

Company History
JET Systems was started in 2013. We are a Small Women-Owned Business in the field of Aerospace and Robotics Systems Engineering. Our markets are primarily Department of Defense (DoD) contract support, commercial Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAV), and mobile application development.

Mission, Vision & Values
Our Mission is to provide quality engineering and technical services to government and commercial clients. Our focus areas are aerospace, communications, software/hardware engineering, and systems engineering management solutions. JET Systems provides professional engineering and programmatic support related to aircraft, military operations, and future technical capabilities. We are dedicated to continually learning, improving, and expanding our expertise and participation in varied markets.

Code of Ethics
The purpose of our business is not simply to make money. We are aware of the low-cost/technically acceptable environment today and the extremely competitive profit and overhead structures in order for companies to stay afloat in business right now. Our purpose is that of responsible business stability, to work with other efficient teams, to keep the cost to our tax dollars reasonable, and to provide a safe and confident place of employment. We would like to be in a position to make decisions and to be part of community development. Our mindset is that of conservative growth and security, not only for our business, but for the employees and those that have any relationship with us.

Set Aside Certifications
8(a) preparation (not yet active)

Customer Focus
ISO 9001 standard
CMMI (working towards)
Community Outreach
STEM support and volunteer assistance
CAP and local aerial club support and volunteer assistance

Leadership: Corporate Executives
Amanda Jaster, President, Business Administration and FSO
Scott Jaster, Vice President, Engineering and Program Management

Patuxent River, MD

Contact Us
Please contact Scott Jaster for general questions or concerns
email: sjaster@myjetsystems.com
phone: 240-925-5908